The story behind the name "DAHLIA"

Over the years, when words fail, flowers have expressed our emotions.

Different flowers today are synonymous with feelings you wish to express roses, carnations, salvia for love, Daffodils for new beginnings & Peonies for prosperity, so why not to express how we look and feel?

Did you know the way you dress is an expression of you?

How often have you heard the advice when in a dour mood - dress up, and your mood & spirits will lighten?

How you dress and look is often the first piece of your identity that people connect with. While fashion changes, our definition of the same is highly influenced by our individual choices and cultural and societal influences, but that aside how would we want to be perceived?

Thus, started the hunt for the name for my lineup.

My introduction to gardening during COVID piqued my interest in flowers.

Like every novice gardener, I visited the nursery to make my pick of what I wished to nurture. As soon as I entered the nursery, a corner beckoned me with bright, vibrant flowers - origami in nature is what my mind said. On enquiry, I learnt the flower was called Dahlia - a flower that emotes glory & grace - Voila! I had my name. Nothing better can define a woman, just how I want every woman to feel when they don my creations.

Dahlia is often given for new beginnings,  another fit for me. Having left behind a successful media career, I am treading a new path with this initiative.

 I am curating Dahlia with a mission! I want my lineup to imbibe every subtle essence of Dahlia.

Here is how I envision the journey

Did you know petal fits seamlessly into the whole head? Likewise, I dream of fitting in all the weaves in the country in my designs. 

And how many weaves are there in India?

More than 136 unique weaves. What diversity!

So, a lot to expect and see in our collections going forward. We have just started our journey of discovery, travelling to the villages meeting weavers and learning.

Dahlia signifies a lasting bond and commitment that will be one value, we will live by with our workforce, our weavers and our customers.

Like Dahlia, we will bring creations that will make you proudly stand out gracefully in your full glory.

Gardeners refer to Dahlia flowers as the “Queen of the Autumn Garden” because they bloom longer than many other garden plants.

Likewise, we will create collections designed for long-lasting fashion.

Dahlia lineup, like its inspiration- the flower, will exemplify grace, reflect a positive energy, make you stand out, allow you to be adventurous or relax as you desire and will be committed to bringing you the best.

Like Dahlia, our collections will celebrate your difference and encourage you to enjoy life, taking challenges head-on!